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Dylan Joseph shows his patriotism on "Bonfires, Beers & The Boys" [Video]

As life goes on, and people get more mature, we tend to leave our comfort zone and try new things. Chicken fingers and fries turn into sushi, and all innocence seems lost. Despite this, change can be good, especially if it leads to evolution. Not normally a Country music fan, coming across Dylan Joseph was the beginning of my own evolution, and it happened in the form of his engaging new video, "Bonfires, Beers & The Boys."

Written in tribute for his friend that was recently serving a tour overseas, "Bonfires, Beers & The Boys," is a fun, relatable video that captures the essence of it's lyrics perfectly. Shot in a backyard party that features everything the title suggests, Joseph utilizes his raspy vocals to provide poignant, yet necessary lyrics about the reality of soldiers coming home. For some, it's a celebration, for others it's lonely and for many, coming home doesn't happen. 

Make sure you keep an eye on Dylan in the near future. Already amassing an impressive following on YouTube and Instagram through various works, it should be in no time that he starts to breakthrough to the masses. 

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