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Lomijoh delivers her girl-powered new anthem, "Lil' Bossy"

Hip-hop is now international. What started out in the parks of New York City,is now being celebrated in every corner of the world. Knowing this, it shouldn't be surprising to find out that a little girl moving from France to NYC would be enamored with the culture. All grown up, that girl is now rising rapper, Lomijoh, who unelashes her new single, "Lil' Bossy."

Produced by BigBadBeats, "Lil' Bossy," is a declarative, engaging record that emphatically celebrates womanhood. Utilizing her bilingual background to switch between French and English, she does a great job of establishing the difference in tone. When rapping in English, she sounds a bit more gleeful, while the French lyrics have a bit more conviction. Following up an already impressive list of singles, "Lil' Bossy," is a great next step in her journey of progression.

Coupling this single with her already extensive modeling work with companies like Amiri, Fendi and more, don't be surprised to see her star rise quickly. With a video for this sure to follow, the sky is the limit for the ascending vocalist. 

Listen to, "Lil' Bossy" on Apple Music // Spotify // Tidal

Connect with Lomijoh on Instagram // Facebook 



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[…] being a soul singer, and a rapper, Lomijoh is also a highly recognized model. According to Earmilk, Lomijoh has been featured on this year's fall collections of Fendi, and […]