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Alus gets intimate in "FNSMYP"

Jersey born singer-songwriter Alus unravels millennial dating in her latest pop banger "fuck nudes, send me your playlist". The track, which stresses the deeper connection of sharing playlists, inhabits a sleek, seductively menacing aura.

Overflowing with sultry vocals and a slick R&B beat, the track is a fun, upbeat number. Combing typical pop intricacies with smooth R&B hints, Alus has produced a chart-topping worthy single. The seductive track intimately addresses the need for personal connections. You can learn a lot from someone from their playlists, apparently. 

Made for a generation obsessed with technology, Alus explains that the track is "a powerful statement to anyone who you want to learn from, step into their body but only through their mind."

It's a pop-come-R&B sexual banger and it's dreamy af. Quite possibly the ultimate 2019 bop. 

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