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Wale & Fetty Wap-famed Majestic Drama summons the motherland in a 'World Full of Drama'

Senegal-born Abdoulaye Diop, better known as platinum-selling producer Majestic Drama, gained global recognition through hit-making collaborations with Fetty Wap and Wale's Shine album ("Mathmatics"). Securing a bright future behind the boards, Drama capitalizes on popularity with the release of his debut instrumental album, creatively-titled, World Full of Drama.

In a 15-track debut, Majestic Drama takes us to the roots on the new project with deep drums, bass, and traditional Afro Beat vibes. Supported by the enriched history of his people, the New York-native delivers suggestive sounds with unique arrangements. Intriguing from beginning to end with breakout productions on breakthrough songs like "Greedy Girls", "Energy", and "In My Bag". When explaining the main drive behind this album, Drama shared, "My Senegalese roots have had a big influence on my drums."

It's clear that this latest project is very personal to the artist, maybe that's why there's a beautiful sense of authenticity heard within each track. He stated, "I remember growing up in Dakar, we used to have these ceremonial events called "Sabar" where you witness African drums being played live. So drums for me should exhibit a certain swagger and personality that represents the character and background of the producer. If the melody is the soul of the beat then the drums are the body carrying that soul."

World Full of Drama is available now via Drama Club Entertainment.

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