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Drew Banga delivers a glistening new hip-hop single, "Multi Color" feat. 1-O.A.K., Ymtk, WADE08 & Amen [Premiere]

Oakland producer Drew Arnett, a.k.a. Drew Banga, the musical director behind rising hip-hop star Duckwrth and the mastermind behind various hit singles from other artists around the Bay, steps out from behind the credits to create an original track "Multi Color" feat. 1-O.A.K., Ymtk, WADE08 and Amen. Check it out below: 

With early T-Pain vibes in the chorus and a glistening OutKast melody, Drew effortlessly blends together a wide spectrum of vocal styles from the varying featured artists while embracing the track's original intent portrayed in its title, "Multi Color".  Drew stays true to that notion and weaves together these layered harmonies of modern R&B and subdued hip-hop bars. It all flows incredibly smooth and seamlessly while still maintaining a forward moving pace avoiding the track from ever sounding repetitive. "Multi Color" is out now on Text Me Records

Banga didn’t start producing professionally before working on Kamaiyah's 2015 hit single “I’m On”. Many people might also be familiar with his work as the musical director behind the Republic Records-signed rapper Duckwrth. In the last year, Drew Banga was nominated for Thizzler’s “Producer of the Year” 2017 and is credited as 1 of the 10 best Bay Area albums of 2017.

“I’m a producer. I don’t sing, but I write. I try to make whatever I put my hands on better than what I heard before. And I’m all about cultivating people’s sound.” Drew Banga, taken from Behind The Beats: Drew Banga by KQED

Photo Credit: Holy Mountain

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