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Introducing: Billy Turner chats Fabric, maintaining your individuality and more [Interview]

Every single Bank Holiday in London provides every raver with an event showcasing their genre of choice. Drum & Bass, R&B, House, Jazz. You name it and the capital provides it. I spent 9 hours of my blissful 3 day weekend at London favourite Fabric - the clubbing Mecca for lovers of every sound. Saturday provided a techno and tech house mixer with music from the likes of Eats Everything, Elliot Adamson, Luke Slater and the man EARMILK managed to track down - Billy Turner.

Making waves in the Techno scene and gaining support and recognition from the likes of Skream, Art Department and Tiga - Billy is a 23-year-old DJ already playing his second set at Fabric. The room is busy when we arrive at 12 and packed to the walls as his set comes to a close at 2 am. After playing the 2-hour opener to an entranced dance floor, we asked Billy to explain why this set was so special to him.

"The first time I was warming up for Monki & Friends, it was great but my track selection was a lot different. I can't even tell you why tonight went so well. I think it’s because it’s the first time I’ve played warm up but proper techno. I was totally in the moment, it was the best set I've ever played. I can't explain how good it felt."

Billy's industrial sounding techno is slowly establishing itself in the sets of aforementioned artists and on some of their labels. His most recent release on Dense & Pika's Kneaded Pains, Resolution EP, is a showcase of the raw vibe that Billy held throughout his set at Fabric. He's come a long way since his first 'Grey' mix on Soundcloud, adapting and developing his sound whilst keeping true to his love for individuality.

"I’m always trying to improve. All I want people to know is that I don’t want to be classed as one of those commercial sounding techno DJs. That sound is the same sound everytime. I had some feedback once where I was told my music had a sound which was totally the opposite of what I want people to hear. For me, that was like a dagger through the heart. It’s not because I don’t like it, it’s just that I want to have my own sound. It’s Art. If everybody makes the exact same sound on certain labels then it’s not individual is it. It’s not Art. It’s a formula."

Billy can count the sets he's played in clubs so far on his hands, but with two of those appearances at Fabric and two at stripped back Nottingham favourite Stealth in his portfolio - you can be sure his name will be gradually creeping onto bigger line ups in bigger clubs. His passion for production shines through when he talks about the clubs he'd love to play, explaining the importance of creating a unique sound and the DJs who he aspires to play beside.

"I’d love to play Berghain, Watergate, Amnesia in Ibiza, DC10 - all of those places. If I could play anywhere and with anyone it'd be at Timewarp B2B with Marcel Dettmann. The vibe those kinds of places and DJs give off is authenticity and class. Quality and no commercial factors. A vibe to it that just promotes itself because it is Art. That’s why in Berlin Berghain is officially deemed a 'High Art' institution . That’s how I look at the music and where I want to play. To me Berghain would be the pinnacle. The set I played tonight, was in honour of those guys and that vibe."

2017 has seen the start of something special for Billy, gaining an untold amount of support that isn't in any way undeserved. With more releases on the way he's a firm believer that if you want it you have to work for it - setting the bar high, but not unreachable, for where he wants to be.

"Me and Skream have got a collab EP coming out, we’ve got 4 tracks on that. I actually made one of the tracks for tonight so when it went off earlier I was so happy and so satisfied. I've also remixed Skream's 'Settled' which I'm hoping will see a release some point this year. I’ve got an EP coming out on a big Canadian label which I can’t say about yet. 2 EP’s on 2 highly regarded Canadian labels actually. I want to release on Klockworks, MDR & Luke Slaters 'Mote-Evolver' one day. Those labels for me are something very special. One day I'd love to start my own label to release some music, create a new unique vibe and give other artists the opportunity I've had. When I'm in my studio and I'm making tracks, that's what I'm working towards."

Connect with Billy Turner: SoundCloud | Facebook | Twitter

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