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The Griswolds release "Live This Nightmare" [Premiere]

Australian indie rock band The Griswolds are less than a week away from the release of their debut album and they are in great shoes to leave a permanent mark on the scene. From being featured on Triple J early on, touring with acts such as St Lucia and Django Django along the way, and releasing their Heart of a Lion EP last fall, The Griswolds have carried their past momentum to their forthcoming album Be Impressive, out August 26th via Wind-up Records. With the success of their single "Beware the Dog", they continue their route further into the spotlight with "Live This Nightmare". 

With a sultry vibe, "Live This Nightmare" eases through its progression. Beginning with a simplistic synth beat, vocals quickly kick in to add character, building to the songs solid chorus. Throughout the growing soundscape sets the tone, peaking with a hearty guitar instrumental that then fades into a panning groove, built around the vocal-centric structure. As a whole, "Live This Nightmare" is a great showing from The Griswolds peeling back from the energetic, happy-go-lucky sound found in "Beware the Dog". 

To aide in believing the hype behind The Griswolds, also check out their recently released video of "Beware the Dog".

Preorder Be Impressive on iTunes here.

The Griswolds

Be Impressive

  • Wind-up Records
  • 08-25-2014

Exclusive · Indie · Synth · Synth Pop


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