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Yung Satan - "Ringtone" [Download]

Yung Satan has been steadily pushing out new material like a hyper creative assembly line. Each tune that he releases either solo or under the name of his producer group M|O|D (Yung Satan, Lil Texas, Arnold, C.Z., and Rewrote) is a maturing step for him as a song writer. You can track his technical prowess like an always ascending dot on a line graph. 

"Ringtone" is the latest and greatest of Yung Satan's releases. To say the song is mesmerizing would be an understatement. He fuses Jersey Club elements with R&B and then adds a plethora of enchanting sounds. "Ringtone" isn't a song you "just"  listen to or "just" dance to. You become lost in this song. Where most producers would create a busy sounding track with as many layers of sound that are present, Yung Satan has become a master of trimming the fat and accentuating the finer things. Make sure to grab that free download!

[soundcloud url="https://api.soundcloud.com/tracks/115630022" width="100%" height="166" iframe="true" /]

Bass · Dance · Electronic · Experimental


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ISSUE (rapper)
8 years ago

“: #EARMILK : Yung Satan - "Ringtone" [Download] - http://t.co/FlHnTpxqxi @YUNGSATAN”. Thx @TannerCaldwell_ u kno u my boi