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Phoenix Vs. Kavinsky - Night Mania (Carlos Serrano Mix)

The last time we covered Carlos Serrano was when he brought us that amazing mix of Adele and Daft Punk with "Something About The Fire". And now he's at it again. This time he has comes back, full force, with a mixture of Kavinsky's "Nightcall" and Phoenix's "Lisztomania". Now quite a few of the readers complained that the Adele/Daft Punk mix was a bit too easy and had been done to death yet, regardless, it was well done and easily became one of my favorite's of the year, just based on how tastefully it was done. And, from a technical standpoint, you'll find that same level of tastefulness and cohesion in this latest release. It's just an enjoyable listen, as nothing is overdone. Enjoy.

      nightmania(carlos serrano mix)
Download:Phoenix Vs. Kavinsky - Night Mania (Carlos Serrano Mix)

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Lance James Daniels
9 years ago

My kind of mashup, understated and seamless. You stay classy Mr. Serrano!

Nathan Ancrum
9 years ago

I like Lupe's American terrorist 3 better.