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Washed Out - BBC 6 Mixes

Ernest Greene recently went in the BB6 Music Mix to discuss some of the influences that led to his Washed Out sound. So, he ended up doing two mixes; one mix that talks about his idols, mostly DJ Shadow, and then mix where he plays more recent music. He also talks about his latest album release, Within and Without, and how the recording process all got started for the project. Check out both mixes below.

Washed Out - Influences Mix

10cc -- I'm Not In Love
Boards of Canada -- Olson
Koushik -- Be With
DJ Shadow -- Six Days
Boz Scaggs -- Low Down
Madlib -- Pyramids (Changes)
Arthur -- Sunshine Soldier
Grouper -- Heavy Water
[unknown] -- Unknown Title

Washed Out - New Tracks Mix

Blondes -- Lover
Samps -- Peppergood
Lobt Noch Irrt -- Heizgas Meter
Korallreven -- Honey Mine (Lissvik Remix)
Thieves Like Us -- Forget Me Not
Jensen Sportag -- Mapquest
Pional -- Where Eagles Dare
Loui$ -- Pink Footpath



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