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Flying Lotus - Lovers Melt 2 mix

Looks like everybody is putting out a mix for Independence Day. Now, Flying Lotus is looking to make his mark in the summer mix scene by providing a whopping 2+ hour mix of his "favorite songs ever". Wouldn't you just like a peak into what flylo listens to on the daily and what might of inspired him to make music in the first place? Well maybe this mix only shows his softer side and could be used for your next love makin' session. Now's your chance to listen to his Lovers Melt 2 mix which is a follow up to the one he did for Stones Throw, earlier this year . Download the entire mix from the link below. Enjoy.

"Lovers Melt 2 will hopefully be part of your summer sound. Some of my favorite songs ever.. Some you know, some you might not.."
- Flying Lotus

Download: Flying Lotus - Lovers Melt 2 mix



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