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EARMILK Weekly Wrap-Up

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Obama declares June 2016 African-American Music Appreciation Month President Barack Obama’s second term is quickly coming to its conclusion. Throughout his eight year presidency, Obama has proved almost without doubt that he is the hippest president in recent memory. The 44th president has made a Presidential Proclamation that June 2016 is African-American Music Appreciation Month. Earlier this year, Obama hosted Brittany Howard, Leon Bridges, Usher and others at the White House for a tribute concert to the late great Ray Charles. The president also stated that his favorite song of 2015 was Kendrick Lamar’s “How Much A Dollar Cost.”

"During African-American Music Appreciation Month, we honor the artists who, through this music, bring us together, show us a true reflection of ourselves, and inspire us to reach for the harmony that lies beyond our toughest struggles. " – President Barack Obama

Thurston Moore wants you to “Feel It In Your Guts” for Bernie Sanders Sonic Youth’s Thurston Moore is one of the most recent musicians to flock to the supporting party of Democratic presidential hopeful Bernie Sanders. The artist recorded a new single titled, “Feel It In Your Guts,” which features snippets of Sanders’ speeches, and is available for (not) purchase on the Joyful Recordings website. The new single comes in limited edition white vinyl or mp3 download in exchange for a photo of a Bernie Sanders donation confirmation. Purchase the record here.

Surfer Blood guitarist Thomas Fekete has passed away The 27-year-old lead guitarist of the Florida-originating surf rock group Surfer Blood has passed away from a rare form of cancer. The artist’s cancer treatment GoFundMe campaign had raised over $65,000.

Prince’s Toxicology Report has been released Prince Rogers Nelson shocked the music world when he abruptly passed away at the age of 57 in his Paisley Park Estate in Minnesota. There have been many rumors surrounding his death, but this week the toxicology reports of the autopsy were released. According to the report by the Midwest Medical Examiner’s Office, stated that the cause of death was an overdose on Fentanyl an extremely potent opioid. A few weeks ago, the DEA announced their involvement in the investigation of the pop icon’s death.

EARMILK Breakout Artist: Penny Shaw

 Queens-based rapper Penny Shaw has been around for a while now, waiting for you to lend an ear. The young rapper self-released his mixtape III City Blues in late March and shows lots of promise. The mixtape features heavily dance-influenced production with highly synthesized 808 driven production. Shaw’s lyrics are painfully incisive in their scrutiny of his surroundings often shining a spotlight accompanied by an over-sized lyrical magnifying glass on the dark underbelly of his New York City home, but never forgetting the importance of heavy-hitting yet brooding beats and catchy hooks that make his gloomy subject matter palatable.

Connect with Penny Shaw: Soundcloud | Facebook | Twitter | PennyForThought



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