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EARMILK Weekly Wrap-Up

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Gucci Mane released from prison

The iconic Atlanta southern-trap progenitor and 1017 label head, Gucci Mane, aka Radric Davis, has been released from prison four months ahead of schedule. His lawyer Drew Findling appealed to the court that Gucci had not received credit for previously served time. The ruling judge must have approved, because Davis is back on the streets, well in his home. Davis will be under house arrests for the coming months, followed by a period of probation. Gucci was originally put behind bars in Sept 2013 for getting caught with a loaded firearm as a convicted felon. According to 1017, the rapper has already made it back to the studio to record new music. Gucci Mane is recording a new mixtape tonight and releasing it tomorrow according to 1017 Records Twitter.

 The Cars seek legal action over Car Seat Headrest song

Last Friday, Will Toledo’s post-punk outfit Car Seat Headrest released its debut LP Teens of Denial via Matador Records. On the new record, there is a track titled “Just What I Needed / Not Just What I Needed,” which uses an analogue sampling of the opening chord strikes and a half-reprise of the chorus of The Cars’ ‘70s hit “Just What I Needed.” Originally, the sample was cleared with Cars frontman Ric Ocasek, but Ocasek rescinded his permission a week before the record was set for release. Matador head of sales, Rusty Clarke, said in a statement to The A.V. Club that the dispute will cost Matador more than $50,000.

Long form DJ Sets soon to be available on Spotify

Spotify is the most prolific music streaming service at the moment, but it becomes difficult to love the platform if you’re an electronic music fan. The main obstacle, however, lies in an attribute unique to dance music, specifically that one main medium of consumption of electronic music is long form DJ sets, which are largely unavailable on the Swedish streaming service. Dubset Media Holdings, a company committed to proliferating the legal distribution of long form DJ sets, has signed a partnership with Spotify to allow for not only DJ sets to be available on the streaming service, but also remixes, as well. The details of the agreement or a timeline for implementation have not yet been released, but this definitely signals as a step in the right direction.

Matt Mondanile leaves Real Estate to work on Ducktails full time

Matt Mondanile left indie alt-rock outfit Real Estate this week. Mondanile departed, so that he could devote his time to beach-psych project Ducktails, well-known for their 2011 single “Killin’ the Vibe.” Julian Lynch will be replacing Mondanile as Real Estate’s lead guitarist and will also serve the position for the band’s upcoming recording session for the new album.

EARMILK Breakout Artist: BAMBARA

Brooklyn-based noise punk trio, BAMBARA, have just shared the video for their new single “I Don’t Mind” from their sophomore effort Swarm, available via Arrowhawk records now. “I Don’t Mind” is a grinding ode to punk revivalism, bleeding enough distortion that vocalist/guitarist Reid Bateh’s lyrics are often drowned far past the point of intelligibility. While we’re on the topic of the singing, Bateh’s singing uniformly feels like a pained humming drone that sounds possesses a hint Kurt Vile’s iconic nasaliness singing overlain with dangerous fuzz comparable to Ty Segall’s Melted.





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