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Longform DJ Sets, single mixes and other user generated content to come to Spotify

If sheer quantity of content is your value criterion for selecting a streaming platform, Spotify is likely the best choice to have access to a large reach of recorded music at an affordable price, unless you are an electronic music fan. While the Kaskades and Diplos of the industry are available on the Swedish streaming service, you'll be hard-pressed to find the latest Wave Racer single or virtually any artist with less than 10,000 likes on Facebook. There's an additional listening barrier between dance fans and Spotify–one of the main media by which fans consume electronic music is longform DJ mixes, few of which are available on the Swedish streaming platform. Well, someone heard your grievances. Dubset Media Holdings is teaming up with Spotify to make user contributed content easier to access through the streaming platform, specifically longform DJ mixes, remixes and other forms of user-generated content.

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