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Wayne Coyne's career gets stranger as the Flaming Lips invade the X-Men '92 comic series

Wayne Coyne of the Flaming Lips is one of the few artists, who has had a career that is so centrally eccentric that when he rides a wookie during a David Bowie tribue, fans accuse the man of publicity mongering. And the band shows no signs of slowing their strong flowing stream of head scratchers. The Flaming Lips is onto their next adventure, this time into the world of Marvel Comics, Billboard reports. The Flaming Lips are going to be appearing in the sixth issue of X-Men '92. Oddly enough, musicians entering the two dimensional world of superheroes is not as likely as you might think. The Lips will be joining other unlikely musicians ranging from Eminem's cameo in The Punisher, everyone's least favorite rock star Gene Simmons in Howard the Duck to The Toadies, who will also appear in the issue alongside The Flaming Lips.

Check out Wayne Coyne on Chewbacca shoulders:

Here's the full comic book cover:


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