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YACHT decides to sell sex tape, in retaliation to nonconsensual leak [*Update*]

YACHT frontman and frontwoman Jona Bechtolt and Claire Evans are selling their sex tape, following a noncensensual leak of the video. The musical couple have been involved romantically, since 2006, and the tape was meant for personal viewing alone. In a lengthy Facebook post, the band members describe their dismay that an "abject person" would throw them into this "awkward situation." The duo wrote that they "hope you understand that this is not a delicious scandal. This is an exploitation."

Update (May 10)*  Jezebel had confirmed the leak was in fact a hoax, and that YACHT—in an incredibly failed attempt at trolling their fans— were merely creating a publicity stunt. Unfortunately, praying on the sympathy of their fans turned out to be a bad thing (who would have thought) and they were met with negative reactions from across the board.  The group have since issued an official statement of apology

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