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Man sues Tidal, says streaming service " tricked millions of people into subscribing"

Today, Tidal added another scandal to its quickly lengthening list in its short time under hip-hop mogul Jay Z, when, today, a man sued both Kanye West and the streaming service for their false declaration of exclusivity of the West's The Life of Pablo. The accuser, Justin Baker-Rhett, alluded to West's tweet that the "album will never never be on Apple. And it will never be for sale… You can only get it on Tidal."

According to the report by AP, "Mr. West's promise of exclusivity also had a grave impact on consumer privacy." More specifically, the plaintiff alleged that because fans were falsely told they would have to subscribe to Tidal to listen to the record, customer's credit card information was needlessly put at risk.

West, who has ownership stake in the streaming service, is being accused of attempting to inflate evaluation. His album is estimated to have brought in 2 million new subscribers. The lawsuit subscription increase alleged an additional $87 million in the company's valuation, reports AP.

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