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'The Life of Pablo' is first album to chart No. 1 with 70 percent of points from streams

Following its Feb 13 release, Kanye West's The Life of Pablo spent many weeks unable to chart on Billboard, due to Tidal's exclusive streaming rights. After West widened his album's release to other streaming services, such as Apple Music, SoundCloud Go and Spotify on Apr 1, TLOP was able to clinch the No. 1 spot.

However, the The Life of Pablo stole not only the No. 1 spot, but also the status as the first album ever to receive 70 percent of its Billboard charting points from streaming equivalent albums. The album's songs have received a total of 99 million U.S. streams on the week of April 7 alone.

Kanye West often receives praise for his pioneering in creative hip-hop production and consistently strong lyrical content; however, this time, West's braving of new waters says less about his own musical aptitude, but, rather, makes a statement about the current climate of the record industry. The fact that Billboard's top spot is held by a record that garnered an astounding majority of its charting points from streams signifies the likely impending death of the album purchase, at least in its current form.

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