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Take a peak at deamau5's new Razer studio and the first video in his new tutorial series

Razer music teamed up with deadmau5 to build the ultimate home studio, with state of the art Razer tech, including Blade Stealth laptop, ATC monitoring system and analog synthesizers. Deadmau5, aka Joel Zimmerman, spent the last year converting his master bedroom into a master studio, and Zimmerman and Steve Duda put together a grand tour of the new rig for your viewing pleasure.

Watch the studio tour below:

Perhaps, even better than the completion of the new deadmau5 studio is the concurrent release of the first in Zimmerman's sound design and music production tutorial series. This episode focuses on melodic structuring, with Zimmerman and Duda using "Imaginary Friends" to showcase how they construct a dance melody.

Check out episode one of the deadmau5 and Steve Duda production tutorial series:

Dance · Progressive House


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