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Iceland's Secret Solstice announces $1 million dollar ticket

If a meager €137 would get you tickets to see Radiohead, Action Bronson, Die Antwoord, Jamie Jones and many others at this year's Secret Solstice festival in Iceland, what would $1 million dollars buy you? Well, ponder no further–Secret Solstice is selling a single $1 million dollar ticket.

So, in this millionaire's package, on top of access to the regular festival, the purchaser will be afforded jet travel from anywhere across the globe to Iceland, two private concerts (artists currently announced,) a concert inside the magma chamber of a dormant volcano, an aerial tour of Iceland, private helicopter transfers and many other "small" perks.

If a $1 million dollar ticket price seems like an exorbitant amount to pay for even this festival experience, you're probably not wrong. However, maybe it isn't so farfetched, in a country whose prime minister just resigned for casually laundering probably similar amounts of moolah.

Check out the lineup below:




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