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Flying Lotus will be scoring a new film produced by Shia LaBeouf

Flying Lotus will be providing the score for the upcoming film LoveTrue, which will debut at this year's Tribeca Film Festival. In an unexpected twist of heavenly predestination only conceivable in 2016, Even Stevens child star turned cultural oddity, Shia LaBeouf, will be filling the role of executive producer in the film, demarcating the meeting of two artists each on the eccentric ends of their respective industries.

The film is described as a "genre-bending documentary that brings Har’el’s [the director] signature poetic imagery and fascination with performance in nonfiction to three complimentary stories that seek to demystify the fantasy of true love." The mission statement of the film seems about as lofty as it as it is strange, which is perhaps a befitting setting for the formal introduction of the Brainfeeder founder to one of Hollywood's most peculiar celebrities.


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