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Dirtybird Records announces second annual Dirtybird Campout Festival

The West Coast house music label, DirtybirdRecords, just announced the return of the annual Dirtybird Campout festival in Oak Canyon Park in Silverado, CA for its 2016 edition. The house music outfit has gained quite a bit of traction amongst dance fans in recent years, most noticeably for the collective's lighthearted fun-loving energy and the talent-breaking of many popular dance acts including Justin Martin, Shiba San and Worthy. The Campout is the closest you’ll get to acting as if you're at a sleep away camp, but as an adult. The campsite will include everything from kickball, summer camp lodging, bow & arrows  to barbecue and, of course, no shortage of house music. Running from Oct 7 to 9, DirtybirdCampout is the destination for a late summer vacation.



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