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Michael Seyer shares new soft oddball psychedelia project Greetings!

Greetings!  is the latest Bandcamp EP release of 21-year-old Gardena native and Indie-psychedelia crooner Michael Seyer. This new EP delivers a beautifully inflective performance on the short but sweet four track listing complete with thoughtful lyricism, which tends to position mundane millennial problems in the guise of well-crafted allegory. This lyrical ability coupled with Seyer’s lavish but subdued psychedelic instrumental arrangements make this latest effort one of the more pleasurable finds in the Bandcamp aether.

Greetings! opens with the titular track, a two-minute long dating bio-stylized narrative with vocals pitched so far down that they’re barely intelligible, backed by brooding slow bouncing synths and bell chimes. While the production is fun, this track is as the title would suggest a mere salutation and welcome into Seyer’s oddball musical antics.

The second track “Ozymandia$$$” is where the music actually begins. The track opens with a peculiar arrangement of back-and-forth panning of short twangy guitar riffs over a heavy downtempo bassline and keyboard. All the while over this desert dream production, Seyer croons about the imaginary kingdom of a boy and time’s erosive power in a single breath guised in the tone of calculated indifference.

“Making Chit Chat with a Stranger at a Dinner Party” is a similarly molasses tempo storytelling style narrative, with, as the title might suggest, a youthful sexual encounter. “How’s it going? How’s your day? / And I hope I’m not interrupting with your night,” sings Seyer, a declaration of interest that is as clunky as it is sweet in its conviction. While “Chit Chat” has a brooding yet fun instrumental with its quiet bell clicks and soft noodly guitar melody, this track shines brightest in its vocal component which is inflected in a velvety softness and elongated drawl at the final word in each line that simultaneous demands the drooping of eyelids and a mild urge to drone-along.

The final track “The Most Beautiful Painting in the World” is the strongest track in the listing. “Painting” abandons the pastel-layered hyper production of the previous tracks in favor of a lone acoustic guitar and bare vocals. The well-measured flamenco-inspired melody alongside the offerings of the previous tracks serve as a testament to Seyer’s versatility and skill as a composer, but it’s the sense of identity reflected in his odd vocal inflections and lyrical writing that ties this recording together.

As a whole, this record betrays Seyer as a well-developed musician, but an incredibly strange human. A musical oddity that oozes uncertainty in the ideas explored in his music, but counteracts this with a reassuring comfort—even a confidence—vested in that same uncertainty. All of the while his intriguing and sometimes mind-bending lyrics are stirred into an amalgamation of soft synthesizers and strung-out guitar riffs to form something slightly hard to follow, but incredibly enticing. Michael Seyer’s contemporaries should take notes.

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